Carlos Bennett: A Champion On and Off the Court

Carlos Bennett: A Champion On and Off the Court

From the moment you meet Carlos Bennett, it's clear that his enthusiasm for pickleball knows no bounds. A true veteran on the field with a heart for wellness, Carlos has become a formidable figure in the pickleball community since he began his journey in 2020.

Carlos is not just a player; he is a dedicated advocate of pickleball, proudly sponsored by Selkirk Pickleball. He has a deep understanding of the game, and his numerous championship victories are a testament to his skill. He has clinched over 20 medals, most notably gold in both local and national championships, where he dominated the 50+ and 60+ divisions. Carlos' journey to success wasn't a one-time wonder; he has qualified this November for the National Championships for a second straight year, demonstrating his exceptional ability.

But Carlos' winning streak and passion don't stop with his performances alone. His love for the game has driven him to become a certified coach and instructor under PPR. For Carlos, coaching isn't just about teaching techniques and strategies. It enables him to inspire others by sharing his love for the game, promoting wellness and camaraderie through sports.

Carlos' journey has recently taken an exciting turn as he became a supporter and sponsor of Rainer Wellness Premium CBD. Committed to promoting wellness in its purest form, Rainer Wellness aligns perfectly with Carlos' ethos. Merging wellness with sports, Carlos now supports fellow athletes and individuals alike on the journey to wellbeing through Rainer Wellness's Premium CBD products.

In addition to his sponsorships, he's extending a generous offer to his followers. Anyone willing to experience the fusion of nature and science in Rainer Wellness's high-quality, USDA certified CBD products can use the code 'Carlos20' to get a 20% discount.

Carlos Bennett's story is indeed inspiring. From his prowess on the court to his commitment to wellness and sharing the joys of Pickleball, he is a shining example of resilience, dedication, and passion. With his recent sponsorship of Rainer Wellness, he continues to pave the way for blending sports, wellness, and community. For Carlos, Pickleball is more than just a game; it's a lifestyle that continues to inspire and make a difference.

Stay tuned for more updates on Carlos Bennett's journey and learn more about Rainer Wellness’s mission at Remember, wellness is just a 'Carlos20' away!

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